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Thank you for visiting us ! The fact that you're here means you're looking for a website solution
* You want it fast,
* You want it reliable
* You want it cost effective

Affordable Website Services can fill that need.We pride ourselves on making sure the website you get is the website you want while making it very affordable.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide low-cost web hosting and design services thereby making it both affordable and possible for any individual or business to have their own website, while maintaining high-quality work with rapid updates to ensure that customers websites are always up to date and exactly what they want. Contact us today and we'll be more than happy to review your requirements with you and build the site you want. 

 Our Services:

Need a domain ? We can check to see if it's available and secure it for you !
We also provide the webhosting and will secure 12 months of hosting on fast, reliable servers !
Need a re-design ? Needs a facelift ? We’ll do that for you as well using the hosting company that you’re currently using !

Our Current Customers:

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